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  • فیلتر سوخت Fleetguard FF5037

    فیلتر سوخت Fleetguard FF5037

    فیلتر سوخت فلتگارد FF5037 معادل Donaldson P550959، Baldwin BF785، VOLVO 3130929، Komatsu VE0047، Ingersoll Rand 35330943، 52248879 می باشد. شماره قطعه: FF5037 نام قسمت: فیلتر سوخت نام تجاری: Fleetguard

  • تمیزکننده هوای کویر Duralite 262-5194

    Cleaner Cleaner Duralite 262-5194 2625194

    Clean Clean Air Cleaner 262-5194 معادل دونالدسن ECB105012 است. شماره قطعه: 262-5194، 2625194 نام پیمان: پاک کننده هوا Duralite مارک: کاترپیلار

  • فیلتر سوخت فلتگارد FF4036

    فیلتر سوخت فلتگارد FF4036

    فیلتر Fuel Filter FF4036 به Perkins OD19596، Luber Finer LFF4036A، FG Wilson 901-201، Baldwin BF1102 معادل است. شماره قطعه: FF4036 نام قسمت: فیلتر سوخت نام تجاری: Fleetguard

  • فیلتر سوخت بلدین DAHL 201

    فیلتر سوخت بلدین DAHL 201 DAHL201

    فیلتر سوخت Baldwin DAHL201 مواد و فن آوری همان است که استاندارد واقعی است. شماره بخش: DAHL 201، DAHL201 نام قسمت: فیلتر سوخت مارک: بالدوین

  • فیلتر هوا John Deere AT178517

    John Deere دوم فیلتر هوا AT178517 Fleetgaurd AF26114

    فیلتر هوا John Deere AT178517 معادل Fleetgaurd AF26114، بالدوین RS3717، Donaldson P533781، Doosan 474-00039، Luber Finer LAF3781 است. شماره قطعه: AT178517 نام قسمت: فیلتر هوا مارک: جان Deere

  • فیلتر هوا John Deere AT178516

    فیلتر هوای اولیه John Deere AT178516 Fleetgaurd AF25667

    فیلتر هوا John Deere AT178516 معادل Fleetgaurd AF25667، Baldwin RS3517، Donaldson P532966، Doosan 474-00040، Luber Finer LAF4498 می باشد. شماره پورت: AT178516 نام قسمت: فیلتر هوا مارک: جان Deere

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Cleaning, repair and replacement of dust collector bags

Cleaning, repair and replacement of dust collector bags

In the dust collector, the cloth bag is an important part, which mainly plays the role of filtering and collecting dust and debris to achieve purification. The cleaning, maintenance and replacement of the bag of the dust collector are as follows. 1. Cleaning of the bag: Cleaning: Select the appropriate washing materials, after strict ratio, and the cleaning strength should be moderate, the strength is too small, the cleaning is not thorough, and the lightness will cause damage to the bag.   Repair: If the bag is worn or corroded, it needs to be repaired to ensure that the bag can be used normally. However, if the situation is serious, professionals who require air handling equipment recommend replacing the bag.   Cleaning: By vibrating, the large dust particles in the bag are removed to maintain the filtration performance.   Drug soaking: It is the use of some chemical agents to remove oil stains or dirt that cannot be washed with water in order to increase the breathability of the bag.   Drying: Dry the bag with hot air at a temperature of 110 degrees Celsius. After the bag is dried, it must be guaranteed not to deform and retract.   Quality inspection packaging: After the cloth bag has been cleaned, it must undergo strict quality inspection. After the test is qualified, it can be packaged and affixed with a certificate. 2. Maintenance of the bag If the bag is damaged, stop working immediately and repair it. If it is just a small hole, it can be bonded using a silicone rubber compound at the breakage. When selecting a binder, be aware that it should be compatible with the temperature, chemical properties, and process of the bag, otherwise problems may occur. 3. Bag replacement If the bag is damaged seriously, or if a lot of tiny dust accumulates inside it, the cleaning effect is not ideal, and it has affected the use of the bag, it must be replaced. It is not necessary to stop the dust collector when replacing. Just turn off the cleaning controller and open the manhole door to replace it. After installing a new bag, clean it around.

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